Top 5 reasons to get a Solar Water Pump for Your Farm

Are you a recent farm owner? Or perhaps you’ve had a farm for a while and are becoming a little fed up with your excessive service costs?

Do you intend to purchase a solar water pump?

Here are some helpful solar energy facts that can help you decide on a solar water pump if you’re still unsure which one to choose for your water line. There are numerous reasons for this, and if you are unaware of the solar energy facts, keep reading to learn some of the surprising information that will protect you from expensive servicing costs while also being safe.

1. Cost-cutting: A solar water pump can significantly lower a farmer’s utility costs. One does not have to pay a single penny in electricity bills because the sun is the only source of power for these pumps. These water pumps do have a tendency to cost more initially but consider the long-term financial savings. You will receive your return on investment (ROI) after two years, and anything after that is free. You won’t want to lose out on the opportunity to profit from this investment.

2. Environment-friendly: Another fact about solar energy is that it is environmentally benign. Your energy use and carbon footprint will go down as a result. It will also save you an enormous amount while making the property way more eco-friendly When it comes to coming up with solutions to conserve the planet in the modern day, we need all the assistance we can get.

3. Efficient: Solar water pumps also have the benefit of being highly reliable. Throughout the day, one will always have access to a consistent supply of water. Even though there may be more affordable and accessible solutions available, you definitely wouldn’t want to pass this one up.

4. Tax Incentives:  Additionally, there are some tax regulations from the government that encourage eco-friendly agricultural and residential additions and repairs, like solar water pumps. The Ministry of Mines and Energy of Namibia and The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) are now managing a pilot initiative that gives a cheaper payment option (Solar Revolving Fund & Geen Peoples Energy) with the goal of making the switch to solar energy, by making it more affordable for Namibians.

5. Built to Last for a long time: Solar water pumps are made to last a very long time, they are easy to install, require minimal maintenance and are also portable. Brands including WILO, Sunculture, Grundfos, and DAB, are some of the strongest and most well-liked solar water pumps on the Namibian market and are all offered by Taatisolar Namibia Pty (Ltd), one of Namibia’s most reliable solar appliance and equipment suppliers.

A solar water pump is a fantastic method to conserve money and ensure a steady supply of water. Numerous advancements in solar water pump technology have been made thanks to the efforts of businesses like WILO, Sunculture, Grundfos, and DAB. Other businesses produce solar water pumps as well, although many of them are quite expensive and of very low quality. Decide which one you wish to choose.

In other circumstances, farms are situated in places where it is impossible to obtain power from the grid; as a result, solar water pumps must be used in order to produce crops, reduce monthly electricity costs, and, most importantly, earn a livelihood.



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