Taatisolar Electrified 175 Homes in Rural Communities in the Eiseb District of the Omaheke region.

Empowering Local Women and Boosting the Economy with Solar Home Kits.

This wonderful rural electrification project was developed by the Omaheke Community Development Foundation and funded by the Social Security Development Fund and the Omaheke Regional Council. Taatisolar proudly engineered and assembled the kits to electrify the 175 homes at the Okatumba Gate community in the Eiseb District of the Omaheke region.  Taatisolar provided training to local rural women, fondly called the ‘Solar Mamas’ to install and maintain the systems in their own communities. 

The solar home kits included four lights, phone charging, a 45-amp battery and a solar panel plus an extra portable solar lantern with radio and MP3 player. The installation of these solar home kits has not only brought light to the community but also provided a reliable source of power for the other residents. The phone charging enables residents to stay in touch with family and friends, and access information and services that require the use of a mobile phone. The lights will provide a safe and secure environment, especially at night, and the battery and solar panel will enable residents to power their homes. The portable lantern will give flexibility to the client to move with the light at night at the same time the radio gives them access to information and keep them up to date with nationwide news.

It is worth noting that, this initiative is not only beneficial to the community, but it also created job opportunities for the locals, as the solar home kits were assembled in Namibia by Namibians. This not only helps to improve the community but also helps boost the region’s economy.

Taatisolar applauds the Social Security Development Fund, the Regional Council and the Omaheke Community Development Fund for this impact acceleration initiative for rural electrification and socio-economic development in the region.  



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