Solar water pumps

Traditional grid-tied pumps can be effectively replaced by solar water pumps. An ideal answer for water needs in rural and informal areas would be a solar-powered water pump. Solar-powered boreholes may be a more cost-effective solution for farmers that have to water large areas of land or provide drinking water for themselves and their animals.

The submersible solar water pump is primarily made for borehole water pumping. They were designed to fit inside the borehole casing. The borehole casing often comes in 6-inch sizes, although it can also be found in 4- and 5-inch sizes. Most submersible water pumps will not fit in a casing that is less than 4 inches in diameter, which is common in older borehole.

The typical depth of a borehole is 50 meters or even more. It’s possible that the pump will cost a little more if your borehole is deeper. A more expensive water pump would be needed for boreholes that are 120 meters deep. Large volumes of water, such as those used to irrigate fields, are rarely suitable for solar borehole pumps. Common pumps are only offered in 1/4 to 2 HP capacities.

On the other hand, the primary purpose of surface delivery pumps is to transfer water from one location to another. The surface delivery pumps differ from one another. Some of the pumps are intended to transfer large volumes of water at low pressure, while others are only suitable for high pressure (an example of this is moving water from a reservoir to a watering tank). The flows can range from low (often at 2 liters per minute or close to it) to high (140 to 180 lpm).

Solar water pumps are typically provided by solar energy firms. Over the years that they have been in use, these water pumps have proven to be helpful. These solar pumps come in a variety of brands, including WILO and Grundfos. Of course, the consumer has the last say in which brand is best for him. Solar water pumps do not require any large machinery or intricate wiring, that much is certain. It only takes a modest solar panel and a battery storage system to start the water flowing.



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