at the visit of Dutch minister Ms L. Schreinemacher

The Dutch minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Ms L. Schreinemacher visited
the solar company Ecoplant in Zwolle on Monday, April 11th, 2022 to discuss the export potential and
contribution of this solar tracking device to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2030.

Her attention was caught by this unique product as it won second place in the Dutch innovation
awards 2021. It shows great potential to improve the domestic generation of renewable energy as an
alternative to conventional roof-based solar panels in Europe and beyond. In the off-grid markets
of emerging economies, it is well-positioned to replace diesel-generator sets, reducing CO2 emissions
and providing a more secure source of electrical power.

The highly efficient Ecoplant solar tracker comes in different sizes and can be placed remotely as it is
completely self-supporting in generating and storing energy. At the same time, it can be used as a
platform for flood safety lights, surveillance cameras and communication equipment. Most of the
components are produced in the Netherlands and are well tested before being shipped for local assembly.

On the occasion of Minister Schreinemacher her visit, Ecoplant signed a distribution agreement with
Taatisolar in Namibia to introduce this solar tracking device in the southern part of Africa, where it is
destined to replace diesel-generator sets and provide power to the off-grid areas for income-generating businesses and private households.

Ecoplant and Taatisolar agreed to apply for a grant for a demonstration project in Namibia under the
Dutch DHI program of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO, part of the Ministry of Economic
Affairs and Climate Policy. The idea is to place 10 Ecoplant solar devices at different locations to
demonstrate their functioning for various applications.

The solar tracker of Ecoplant will also be on show during the SolarSolutions International exhibition
at the EXPO Centre in the Haarlemmermeer near Schiphol from 12 – 14 April.

Quote inventor and promotor Mr Veenemans: “ I firmly believe the Ecoplant product range can
change the domestic off-grid power landscape. Millions of people in emerging economies don’t have
access to electrical power or are faced with an unreliable supply of power. At the same time, it will help in
the energy transition, battle climate change and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Quote managing director Taatisolar Ms Moira Alberts: “The stand-alone solar device of Ecoplant
promises to be an efficient, secure and reliable source of power for our off-grid communities. In
Namibia, where about a million people don’t have access to electricity. We see great potential to
promote it for productive use of energy and rural health clinics & schools alike in Namibia and our
neighbouring countries”.

For more information see: and

Ecoplant Europe B.V. is a Dutch enterprise of entrepreneur and developer Mr Hans Veenemans, who can be contacted at +31 6 5427 7079 or by e-mail:

Taatisolar Namibia (Pty) Ltd. is a Dutch – Namibian joint venture based in Windhoek importing and
distributing solar home systems and direct current appliances. Its managing director Ms Moira Alberts can be reached at +264 81 1279 444 or by e-mail:



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