Tatisolar Survey
Solar Survey Namibia
The purpose of the survey is to understand the motivation, challenges and
benefits perceived by individuals who decided to install solar systems in Namibia

Do you own this property or are you renting?

Who purchased the solar installation for this property?

How did you find your solar installer?

Were you satisfied with the solar installation process?

What, if any, were some of the barriers you encountered when
installing solar?

Would you have installed your solar system without a GIZ Subsidy or MME / Kongalend loan offered?

Did you do any energy efficiency upgrades before or in conjunction
with your solar installation?

Are you more conscious of your energy use after installing your solar

There may have been many factors that influenced your decision to use
solar. Which TWO were the most important to you? (multiple

Have you had questions or comments from your neighbors about
your solar installation regarding the following choices? (multiple
responses possible)

Do you feel you are saving money on your electric bill as a result of your
solar installation?

Did any of your friends or relatives install a solar system due to your

Would you expect your solar installation to increase the value of your