KoolBoks Freezer Kit

Going Off-Grid with Solar Refrigeration.


Say goodbye to high energy bills and hello to a sustainable future with our solar refrigeration technology!


Kit includes:

X1 208L KoolBoks Solar Freezer

X1 850VA Schneider Electric Hybrid Invertaer (AC/DC)

3X 160 Wp Solar Panels

2X 100Ah Solar Batteries

1X Distribution Board

Connectors and Cables


Koolboks Solar Freezer


Capacity: 208L

X3 Ice Packs

Cooling Range:4°to - 20°

Direct Cooling

X2 LED Bulbs

X2 USB Charging Ports

850VA Schneider Electric Hybrid Invertaer (AC/DC)

The inverter is a vital component in a solar freezer system as it enables the utilization of DC electricity stored in the batteries, converting it to AC power for the operation of the freezer and other appliances. It ensures a reliable and compatible power supply, making the system more versatile and suitable for various electrical needs.

3X 160 Wp Solar Panels

Solar panels provide the primary source of power for the solar freezer system. They generate electricity without producing greenhouse gas emissions making them a sustainable & renewable energy solution. Solar panels are usually mounted on rooftops or other suitable locations where they can receive sunlight exposure throughout the day, optimizing their power generation capacity.

2X 100Ah Solar Batteries

During periods of ample sunlight, the solar panels directly power the freezer system while simultaneously charging the batteries. The excess electricity generated beyond the immediate needs of the system is stored in the batteries for later use. When sunlight is limited, the stored energy in the batteries is utilized to power the freezer system.


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