Benefit from the Namibian Sun and save on electricity bills.


Buy a Solar System from Taatisolar and get 10% Cash Back

Basic requirements to qualify for the

Terms and Conditions Apply

WILO Stainless Steel Submersible Water Pump

All your water problems are solved by our German engineered WILO Solar Water Pump

Solar Systems for All Your Business Needs


Kit Includes:

*1X 254L Defy Hybrid Solar Freezer (AC/DC)

*1500VA Schneider Electric Hybrid Inverter (AC/DC)

*2X 100Ah Solar Batteries

*2X 140 Wp Solar Panels

*4X AC Lights

*Connectors and Cables

Omnivoltaic 32 inch Solar TV Kit

Kit Includes:

*HD 32” inch 12VDC TV

*FM / AM Radio Media Player

*6 x Lights/ LED Bulbs

*6 x Lights/ LED Bulbs

*18Ah Lithium LFP Battery Hub

*75W Solar Panel

Business Kombo Kit

Kit Includes:

*3 x 335Wp Panel

*1 x 3 kVA Inverter

*2 x 200Ah Batteries

*1 X DB Board

WILO Water Pump

Kit Includes:

*1X Wilo Solar Water Pump> 250 meters

*3X 330W Solar Panels

*100m X HDPE 32mm Pipe

*100m X Submersible and Safety Cables

*Baseplate, Connectors, Panel Frame and Cables.

Buy a Solar System from Taatisolar and get
10% Cash Back

Requirements for 

1. Rural Business location address.

2. Letter from off-taker (Supermarket, Other buyers or government institution, etc.) or license to operate in informal markets or agreement with the buyer (OPTIONAL)

3. Written acceptance of Taatisolar quotation.

4. Business Registration (BIPA, Local Authority, Any Legal Body)

5. Proof of land ownership or long-term lease/rental contract of place or permit to extract water (OPTIONAL)

6. Bank account confirmation letter ( Personal or Company)

7. Monthly electricity expenses, Diesel, Gas, Other

8. Photos of the business ( at least 2-3 photos) 

Terms and Conditions Apply

1. The offer is limited to 10% CASHBACK, on the VAT exclusive amount of the invoice value and capped at a maximum of 10% of N$ 479 000 of the total VAT-exclusive amount on the invoice.


2. CASHBACK will only be payable after the full settlement of the invoice and installation is done.


3. Applicable to registered rural businesses only, such as a fish shop, meat shop, livestock farming, poultry farming, fresh produce farming, cooperatives etc.


4. Offer valid until 31 July 2022

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why should I install a solar energy system in my home or business?



2. How much roof space will I need for a solar array?



3. What does an average Solar refrigeration system cost?


1. A grid-tied PV system can protect you from electricity price increases for decades. That’s a feeling of energy security that is hard to duplicate.


2. Every kilowatt of the solar array takes about 75 square feet. So a typical 3kW array (twelve panels) will take a roof area about 11′ tall by 20′ wide (two rows of six).


3. That number varies. For a quick quote of your particular need, check out our Request a Quote page. The average solar refrigerator costs between N$ 26 999.00 and N$30 250.00

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