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Innovation 24 March 2017

Independent Energy

We proudly present to you : The Izzy. An independent energy solar power system that ensures reliable, safe and clean electricity for your home or business.

Become independent

Africa has more sun than any other continent, so why not make use of that free and abundant power source.
Independent Energy offers high quality solar energy systems where grid connection is unavailable, unreliable and/or expensive.

Quality and service

Independent Energy offers optimised performance and reliablity for the best price.
Our Izzy's are Plug and Play; installation requires a minimum of technical skills. They are designed to power locally available appliances. We manufacture in-house in the Netherlands, using only top quality components, assembled in a protecting cabinet. We offer 5 years warranty on our craftsmanship.

Indepentent Energy works with carefully selected local distributors to offer you the best possible service and after sales support.

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Power Banks 24 March 2017

XTORM Powerbanks

The Xtorm Power Bank Travel is part of the innovative, stylish Xtorm Power Bank range, the XB2 line. The Power Banks in this line combine unique properties with a well thought-out design.

The Power Bank Travel enables you to charge your mobile devices anywhere and anytime. This Power Bank has a 6700mAh internal battery, providing enough power to charge a smartphone at least three times. It is also possible to charge two devices at once. What's more, its rubber finish gives this back-up battery a streamlined, stylish look.

The Power Bank Travel has an extendable micro USB cable for charging mobile devices (with micro USB port) as well as the Power Bank itself. This means you’ll always have a cable to hand if you need one.

The Power Bank Travel features Quick Charge 3.0 technology, allowing extra fast charging of mobile devices. If your smartphone uses the same technology, it will charge up to 60% faster! The battery of your mobile device will charge in next to no time. The LED lights around the on/off button show you at a glance how much power the Power Bank has used.

The Power Bank Travel 6700 is the ideal charging solution for everyday use or while travelling. Charges mobile devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, GoPro or camera, wherever and whenever you want to!

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Solar Lights 18 April 2017

ovPilot X/op™ Solar Light

ovPilot X/op™ is a solar light with mobile phone charger. The product is designed to meet the most common lighting needs as well as cellphone charging, with modern style and up-to-date solar, LED and Lithium battery technology, and packaged in an economic and efficient system. The ovPilot X™ features:

  • Bright non-glaring desk/task lighting
  • Built-in cellphone charging capability
  • One day solar charge runs 8.5 hours at 74 lumens or 35 hours at 12 lumens
  • Rugged water-resistant body
  • 2 year warranty
Home Systems 18 August 2014

ovCamp™ 38Wh Off-Grid Lighting Pack

This package, featuring the ovCamp™ 38Wh Energy Hub, 4 high-efficiency high-output LED bulbs, and ovPlugo™ flexible cabling system, contains all the parts required for setting up a solar home lighting system for any room configuration. The use of modern lithium LFP battery gives the system very long life and low volume/weight to capacity ratio compared to traditional lead-acid battery technology. High efficiency LED bulbs convert each watt of power into more than 100 lumens of light, generating a total of 600 lumens of output for more than 6 hours from a single day’s solar charging..
ovCamp™ 38Wh Off-Grid Lighting Pack Datasheet.

Home Systems 18 August 2014


The fosera Li-ion Solar Home System (LSHS) is a powerful 12 V system that can meet high demands for energy.

LSHS can be used with a wide range of 12 V loads, from the fosera TV and small computers to projectors as well as phone chargers, fans and lamps.

The LSHS, as all fosera applications, uses long-lasting lithium iron phosphate battery technology. Combined with our intelligent battery charge management can the battery be used for five to ten years and is completely maintenance-free.

Due to its unique, modular solar home system extension, the system can grow with demand.

The LSHS is now available with Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) integration!

Home Systems 18 August 2014


The SolarWorks! Home System is a stylish lighting solution ideal for a two-bedroom home. It comes with five lamps – each with its own switch. You can also use the Home System to charge your mobile and most notebooks and tablets. It is equipped with a solar panel, but can also run on a car battery or mains power if there is not enough sunshine.

Gives you light

  • Enables you to work, read, and do homework using bright LCD light
  • 5 bright lights, each with its own independent switch
  • 120 lumen per light

Charges your mobile and other devices

  • Charges all mobiles, from the simplest model to the latest smartphone
  • Also charges mp3 players, and most notebooks and tablets
  • Includes a USB cable with 10 different connectors

Not dependent exclusively on the sun

  • The system's battery hub can be charged with solar power or any other power source between 5 and 24V DC (for example, a car battery or plugging it into the mains)
  • Automatically switches to alternative connected power sources in cloudy weather so that your power supply is uninterrupted
  • Accessories for charging the battery using alternative power sources are available from SolarWorks!

Smart Battery Hub means independence and flexibility

  • Battery level and charge indicator so you know how much battery is left
  • Can charge fully in five hours
  • Switches automatically to other power sources in cloudy weather
  • High quality Lithium battery that will last a minimum of five years

Easy to install

  • No knowledge of electronics necessary
  • Includes a step-by-step manual included and drilling templates to assist with the installation process


Home Systems 18 August 2014


The modern solar lighting and energy hub for off-grid homes and businesses. The Home 60 brings modern lighting and energy to homes living off of the electric grid.  Once installed, the Home 60 provides bright, 100 lumen diffuse fixed room lighting to three separate rooms.  Included wall-mounted light switches provide modern convenience and the central power hub features standard 5.5V USB and 12V power outputs to power mobile phones and DC appliances.

In the box

  • 3 ceiling-mounted fixed lamps with attached wall-mounted switches
  • Energy hub
  • Solar panel with 5 meter cord
  • Charging kit with USB cable and phone adapters
  • Warranty card and user manual

Size & weight

  • Lamp Dimension: 165 x 85 mm
  • Solar Panel Dimension: 305 x 185 x 17 mm
  • Control Panel Dimension: 220 x 125 x 58 mm
  • Lamp Weight:107g
  • Control Panel Weight: 450g
  • Cable length: 17 meter long cable


  • Standard 2 year Sun King warranty

Digital control

  • LED charging indicator displays charging effectiveness on a scale of 1 to 5 to help optimize panel placement
  • LED battery indicator displays battery power remaining
  • Active battery management automatically switches to low power when battery is running low, giving user 5 hours of additional light

Environment & quality certifications 

  • SONCAP and PVoC certified
  • Meets Lighting Global quality standards



  • Power LEDs with 300 lumens total flux (100 lumens per lamp)
  • Three light modes controlled by wall-mounted switches: Turbo (100 lumens); Normal (50 lumens); Low (20 lumens)

Battery & Power

  • 5 year lifetime, 6000 mAh Lithium Ferro-Phosphate (LFP) battery
  • 6 W detachable, polycrystalline panel with aluminum frame and 5 meter wire
  • Up to 24 hours of run time on a day’s charge

Device Charging

  • 12V power output designed to power 12V DC appliances
  • 5.5V USB power output designed to power any standard USB device
  • Includes USB cable and common phone adapters

Materials & Durability

  • Drop-proof, UV-stable, IP65 rated polycarbonate & ABS casing
  • Water and humidity resistant
Innovation 18 August 2014


This package, featuring the ovCamp™ 150Wh Energy Hub and a 10-Slot USB Charging Station, contains all the parts for setting up an Off-grid cell phone charger station, for small commercial or home/group travel purposes. The use of modern lithium LFP battery gives the system very long life and low volume/weight to capacity ratio compared to traditional lead-acid battery technology. Equipped with 1 and 2.1 Amps USD standard charging ports, and an assortment of phone charge cable connectors, up to 10 mobile devices can be charged simultaneously. Stable pure DC 12V power output from the ovCamp™ Energy Hub ensures safe and fast charging all the time. A 150Wh daily energy throughput can fully charge at least 30 smart cellphones.

Innovation 18 August 2014

ovCatch™ 300 Night Fishing Light

ovCatch™ 300 is a rugged industrial grade night fishing lighting tool. The product design was based on light transmission theory and actual night fishing experiments, and optimized by working with experienced fishermen, during those moonless nights, on board of fishing boats, on the lake, and through side-by-side comparisons with traditional pressurized kerosene lamps.  Yes, the ovCatch™ actually caught fish, more than kerosene lamps on those night fishing trips!

Using the latest lithium battery and LED technology, patent-pending “wide-area-casting” luminary design, the product can output 300 lumens of strong light for 12 hours to create a 100+ meter radius “light awareness zone” to attract fish. Water-proof body design constructed with engineering plastics makes it suitable for tough and wet operating conditions on fishing boats. The included stainless-steel light-weight stand can be easily mounted on wooden raft commonly used by local fishermen, and handled easily.

The result is product that is easier, safer, cleaner and, above all, cheaper to use. No more expensive kerosene fuel, no more pumping or preparation (under windy conditions), no more light burn-outs, no more leaks and smelly fumes. Just switch on ovCatch™, and catch more fish!

Product Description

  • 8800 mAh lithium battery capacity in a compact body design;
  • 300 lumen super bright "Wide-Casting" LED luminary lens creating 100+ meter radius fish-attracting zone;
  • Engineering plastics water-proof body design, constructed for tough and wet operating conditions on fishing boats;
  • Stainless steel light-weight stand mounts conveniently on wood-raft used by fishing folks
  • 12Wp high efficiency crystalline silicon solar panel capable of charging the unit to full in one day
  • Intelligent controls for easy charging and lighting operations;
  • Remote control and the option to digitally lock out light to deter theft;
  • Lower running cost than kerosene lamps under equivalent fishing operations


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About Us

Taatisolar Namibia (Pty) Ltd in was established in May 2017 under the Namibian Companies Act as a Namibian-Dutch Joint-Venture. The core business of the company is the import and distribution of quality solar solutions for the rural and urban off-grid markets. The product offering also includes DC 12V PAYGO Solar solutions. The head office is located in Swakopmund and supported by a regional sales and installation network. The company strives to be an ‘inclusive growth organisation’ by conceptualising business concepts suitable for small business people and establishing mutually beneficial smart partnerships with community organisations, cooperatives, vocational training and tertiary education institutions.  The objectives of the company are closely aligned with relevant Sustainable Development Goals 2030, Vision 30, NDP5 and the Harambee Prosperity Plan.

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